1000w Solar Power System All In One With AC Charger
1000w Solar Power System All In One With AC Charger

1000w Solar Power System All In One With AC Charger

Model NO.

 1000w Solar Power System All In One With AC Charger  

Solar Power System

1000w Solar Power System

Home solar system provides universal DC-USB output port and DC output to be widely applied to small 

solar power generation occasions families, schools, street monitoring, forest monitoring, industrial and mining 

enterprises, frontier defense sea islands, pasturing areas.

Perfect protection: low voltage protection, over voltage protection, overheat protection, short-circuit protection,

overloads protection; alarm alert.

1. Living house and home building

2. Office building, factory and warehouse

3. Home lighting: rural area, islands where lack of electricity, backup power

4. Power station, field operation and some huge engineer construction.

1000w Solar Power System

Rated Power: 100W-1500W, Battery Voltage: DC12V/24V

Output: AC110V or AC220V / 50Hz or 60Hz


Inverter, controller and battery are all in one cabinet.

Protection: Low voltage, over voltage, short circuit, over load and over temperature etc.

Wall mounted installation, built-in PWM or MPPT controller optional

Support diesel gasoline generator and can be used in harsh electric power environment


Rated power1000w
Rated DC voltage(v)12V
Line input voltage(v)165v-275
Line charge current42A
Inverter outputDC/AC Output voltage220VAC±5% / 5V 12V
Output frequency50HZ/60HZ±1%
Wave formPure sine wave, THD <4%(Full load)
Solar inputMaximum voltage(V)21
Rated power(KWP)1000
Charge current(A)20
MPPT range24v-36v
Charge efficiency90%-95%, peak on 97%
BatteryCapacity(AH)55AH*2PC or 55AH*4PCS
Over charge protecttive voltage(v)14.3
Over charge recover voltage(v)13.7
Over discharge alarm voltage(v)20
Over charge recover voltage of battery(v)12.5
OthersVoltage drop between solar module and battery≤0.3V
Voltage drop between loads and battery(v)≤0.15V
Cooling fanHave
Environment humidity0-90% Maximum, non-condensable
Protetive functionsProtection against anti-charge at night, battery over charge/over discharge protection; Joint-reversed of solar modules
Control methodPWM
Proudct size:D*W*H(mm)423*260*453
Packing size:D*W*H(mm)520*370*520

home power solar system

home power solar system


1.Please avoid direct eyes contact to prevent visual damage.

2.The charging and dismantling process must be carried out in a safe place.

3.Please keep this product in a safe and solid location.

4.Do not short-circuit, disassemble; do not put in the water or near the fire.

5.In the absence of professional and technical personnel, do not attempt to repair or replace the battery, the

 supplier shall not be responsible for any damage of the consequence of replacing or repairing the battery that not conducting by supplier.    

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