Complete On Grid Off Grid Solar System Solar Energy Kit
Complete On Grid Off Grid Solar System Solar Energy Kit

Complete On Grid Off Grid Solar System Solar Energy Kit

Model NO.

Complete On Grid Off Grid Solar System Solar Energy Kit 

Solar System

The solar system can match or not match the battery configuration. The battery is configured 

to form a solar storage microgrid system. When the battery is not configured, it constitutes a 

solar microgrid system. The system uses PV energy as a priority. When the energy of the PV is 

insufficient, it can be supplemented by city power or battery power. When solar photovoltaic 

energy is over-powered, it is stored in the battery, and the photovoltaic power generation is 

better utilized to the maximum extent, thereby saving electricity costs.

On Grid Solar Energy Kit

Item No.

PV InputMax input voltage150V
MPPT tracking range60V-120V
MPPT route number2
Max input power1750W/1750W2750W/2750W
(Flexible configuration)
Type of batteryLead-acid battery / Lithium-ion battery
Rated voltage48V
Max charging current60A(PV)/10A(Mains)  100A(PV)/20A(Mains)  
Adjustable charging currentAdjustable charging current
Float voltage55.2V
Charge voltage56.8V
AC InputRated voltage 220V/230V
Input voltage range176V~264V
Rated input frequency50Hz/60Hz
AC Output
(PV/Battery mode)
Rated output power3KW5KW
Rated output voltage220V/230V
Output voltage accuracy2%
Rated output frequency50Hz/60Hz(Auto recognition)
Output frequency accuracy1%
AC Output
 (Mains mode)
Rated output power3KW5KW
Output voltage176V~264V
Output frequency 47~52Hz/57~62Hz
TopologyTransformer isolation
Ambient temperature-20℃~60℃(Derating above 45°C)
Relative humidity0%~95%(No condensation)
Highest altitude2000m
Machine dimension(L*W*Hmm)467*280*508

inverter solar power system

The solar on grid/off grid energy storage inverter is applied to the solar energy storage microgrid system, 

which is mainly based on solar photovoltaic energy. When the photovoltaic energy is insufficient, it can 

be supplemented with urban electricity or batteries. When the photovoltaic energy is surplus, the battery 

is stored or accessed on the grid to maximize the use of photovoltaic power generation for self-use 

purposes and additional power consumption. In addition, according to the requirements of different 

customers, peak and valley periods can be set to achieve peak-to-peak and valley fill, reduce grid 

pressure and maximize revenue. Solar photovoltaic systems are compatible with batteries. In the event 

of a grid failure, solar energy can continue to generate electricity and switch to off-grid mode to continue

to supply power to the load.

Solar System

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