Solar passenger electric tricycle

Solar passenger electric tricycle

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Basic Information
Product Description

4-6 passengers electric tricycle adult electric Tuk Tuks with solar panels 

solar tricycle passenger

Whole Size2900*1060*2100MM
Size of Cargo Box1370*1060*2100MM
Net Weight270kg
Loading capacity800kg
Load peoplr4-6 people
Packing Weight360kg
Endurance capacity45-95km
Max Speed45-60km/h
Floor thickness1.2mm
Climbing ability0-25 Degrees

Installed solar panel on the roof, electric tricycle electric tricycle

Main Features :

1) Electric tuk tuk is a pure electric tricycle, easy to operate, very suitable for family use

2) Convenient charging and practicality, can transform vehicles according to customer needs, can be used as taxis, advertising vehicles, etc.

3)It Can carry people and solar electric cargo tricycle , multifunction

electric tricycle with solar panel

Ramp Assist:

The car won't slip down quickly even without braking

Downhill braking function, the car will not dive quickly, ensuring personal safety

Solar Tricycle Product Information:

solar tricycle passenger

solar electric tricycle

Solar electric tricycle water resistant to IP65, can be fully qualified for all kinds of snow, humidity and other harsh environments, easy to install, long life, maintenance-free, allowing you to use more peace of mind. To remind, this light anti-rain, but not completely immersed in water use.

electric tricycle with solar panel

Silicone gel batteries:

Using maintenance-free silicone gel batteries,it has low wastage,good charging capacity,long battery life.The most prominent advantage is doesn't need to undertake any maintenance for using a long time,while ordinary Lead-acid batteries need periodic inject water and add sulfuric acid having a lot of pollution.

solar tricycle passenger

Vacuum tyre

solar tricycles adult tricycle 3 wheel electric for passenger use vacuum tire & aluminum alloy wheel hub (same as automobile tires)

Compared with ordinary tires, vacuum tires are more durable and safer in driving.

LED Head lights

The LED head lights contains 3 LED lamp beads.It is more beautiful and practical.

High elastic cushion

It can avoid vibration before and after, allowing you to drive smoothly

This electric tricycle totally can load 4-6 passenger.

Solar motorcycle electric tricycle Driving Handle

Comfortable control handle, acceleration and deceleration are easier to control, safe driving

solar electric tricycle

Zhongshan Daqin Electric Co., Ltd.  is a company for manufacture and export various electric tricycles & electric car such as enclosed passenger electric tricycles,adults electric tricycle,solar panel electric tricycle rickshaw,tuk tuk tricycle etc.

Till now our electric tricycles have been exported to many countries overword.

Solar electric tricycle is our main product,it is widely used for carry passengers,cargos or for multi-function usage.