Daqn solar power water pump for deep well

Daqn solar power water pump for deep well

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Basic Information
Product Description

Daqn solar power water pump  for deep well 

solar power water pump

Daqn provides professional DC & AC type pumps with complete diameters for submersible and surface pumps. 

Advantage of Solar Water Pump

1. MPPT solar pump inverter, the highest solar utilization rate

2. Alloy mechanical seal, long life and reliable operation

3.  Waterproof and sealed: double sealing effect

4. Digital display of power, voltage, current, speed and other working conditions

5. High/low voltage protection, overcurrent/overload protection

Solar Water Pump

Apply to irrigation, water, garden fountains, landscape, water recycling system, mine drainage, emergency rescue, urban water supply, enterprises and institutions mentioned in underground water.The equipment is low noise, high efficiency energy saving.Solar water conservancy can not only provide a comprehensive solution for agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry production, ecological environment improvement and desert governance, but also have of great significance in promoting the healthy

development of photovoltaic industry.