Solar Pumping System

Solar Pumping System

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Solar Water Pump 24v DC Submersible Solar Water Pump 

Solar Pumping System

Solar Pumping System

As a professional manufacturer of complete solar power system and solar water pump system ,Daqn 

offer practical, professional and affrodable AC and DC solar powered water pumping system to residential 

and commercial application.

Daqn solar pumping system mainly consists of solar panels, the specialized pump inverter and water pump.


Solar pumping

Solar Pump System

Daqn provides professional DC & AC type pumps with complete diameters for submersible and surface

 pumps. Solar water pump 24v dc submersible solar water pump 

solar water pump

Solar Panel

* High Efficiency PV Module of 17% - 20%

* Anti-Reflective Glass Increase Light Absorption

* Certified Anti Salt-mist, Anti Ammonia Corrosion by TUV

* Smart Module Compatible, Maximum Optimized System Power Output

Solar Pumping System

Solar Water Pump

* DC & AC Type

* Submersible & Surface Water Pump

* DC Water Pump: 80W - 3KW

* AC Water Pump: 750W - 93KW

Solar pumping

Pumping Inverter

> AC Pump Inverter 
380/400/415/440VAC(+15%) ,Three Phase

>DC Pump Inverter

solar water pump


> Water Sensor
> Electrical Resistor 
> PV Cable
> MC4 Connector

Solar Pumping System

Mounting structure

> Ground Solar Mounting system

> Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Structure

> Warranty : 15 Year Warranty ,25 Year Service