Irrigation solar powered water pump for agriculture


Irrigation solar powered water pump for agriculture 

1000W Solar Water Pump

Pump Voltage: DC48V

Solar Panel: 72V 1440W Monocrystalline

Max Flow: 2.3 M³/H

Max Head: 120M

Outlet: 0.75"IN                            

Outer Diameter: 76*460mm

Warranty: 3 years

solar powered water pump

Solar pump operation characteristics:

* Made of high quality stainless steel, it is not rusted and is very durable.

*Adapted to brushless motor and has a long service life.

* Operating voltage range (18v-45v), wide power range.

* When the voltage is too low or too high, the solar water pump will automatically shut down, which is safer and more secure.

* Directly connect solar panels in the sun without a controller.

* Built-in MPPT to make full use of solar energy.

*Good circuit protection with overvoltage protection/undervoltage protection/overcurrent protection/overload protection.

*Environmental protection to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.

* Solved the problem of water shortage in the area without electricity.