MPPT solar charge controller
MPPT solar charge controller

MPPT solar charge controller

Model NO.

20A auto 12V24V solar Controller manual PWM Solar Charge Controller

solar controller


10A/20A/30A MPPT solar charge controller(Fan cooling)

12V/24V or12V/24V//36V/48V auto work

Built-in DSP controlle with high performance

3 stage charging optimizes battery performance

Overcharge protection and input PV polarity reverse protection

Suitable for battery types such as sealed lead acid vented gel and lithium battery

Can be mounted easily

solar Power controller

Item NO.LCD2420-01
System Voltage12V/24V/48V
Max Input Voltage Of Solar Panel55V/55V/100V
Attrition Rate12V/24V<10mA, 48v<12mA
Max Charging Current20A
Max Output Current20A
Low Voltage Cut  Off Voltage: 11V ADJ9...12V; ×2/24V; ×4/48V
Recover Of Low Voltage12.6V ADJ:11...13.5V; ×2/24V; ×4/48V
Floating Charging Voltage13.8V ADJ:13V...15V;×2/24V; ×4/48
Charge Voltage Increase14.4V/12V;×2/24V; ×4/48V 2Hour Battery Voltage  Less Than 12V Will Start Rise
Battery Over Voltage16.5V/12V; ×2/24V; ×4/48V 
Reverse Connect ProtectionHave
Over Current Of LoadingHave, Restart After 2min
Charging Control WayPWM
Working Temperature Range-20℃...+55℃  
Terminal Range28AWG~10AWG 
Protection DegreeIP32

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